Mission Statement


  Our vision is to create a Tamil Society in Victoria that is culturally rich yet embracing and respecting everyone regardless of their ethnic identity, that is tolerant and forbearing.



  • To conduct Tamil language and Literature education programs in Victoria.
  • To develop and conduct programs to meet the cultural needs of Tamil community in Victoria
  • To conduct social activities to foster goodwill and close relationship among the members of the Victorian and Australian Tamil community members
  • To promote and spread the richness of Tamil culture in Victoria.
  • To raise awareness of the plight of Eelam Tamils in Australia and work towards a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sri Lanka.
  • To provide opportunities for youth (both newly arrived and established) to meet and socialise through sporting and cultural activities.
  • To provide training and up-skilling for recently arrived asylum seeker migrants to enable them to find jobs and integrate into the wider Australian sociality to avoid alienation and radicalism.
  • To help develop resilience among the people who arrived from war tone countries to Australia.




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